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Governance of Central West

The Central West Trillium Zone is incorporated as a not for profit organization and is governed by the rules of Equestrian Canada (EC). The bylaws of the Central West Trillium Association govern the conduct of its governing body and all members in the zone.

Central West holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the THJA membership of our zone elects a Central West board of directors (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Two Directors at Large). The president and vice president as elected by the Central West membership, then go on to serve as directors at the THJA board level. (see the Bylaws for the election process)


The THJA board then holds the THJA AGM in March where the 14 directors elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to serve two-year terms. An autumn meeting is also held annually in October to discuss the horse show schedules and other pertinent issues. It is at this level that decisions are made about rule changes, championships show, membership and show standards. Any issues that arise at the zone level are brought forward to the THJA board of directors to be addressed.

Central West has its own Policies & Procedures Guide, Code of Conduct, By-Laws and Constitution. 

To see a map of the Trillium Zones, please click here.

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