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The Central West Trillium Circuit is comprised of 10 shows that follow a number of principles:


  1. Shows run over a number of days to a limit of 72 hours, with a majority incorporating weekends;

  2. As a rule of thumb and when possible, Central West Trillium shows are not held over long weekends;

  3. Each Division of the show must be completed on one day.

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​Drug Testing - Any horse entered in any class at a competition may be selected for equine medication testing while at the event location.


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Jumper Medal - All tack remains the same for jumping and flat phases.

1.0 m Jumper Division - This division combines the  Child/Adult Jumper  & Open Divisions. Open to all horses, and to ponies who are ridden by juniors. Adults are not permitted to ride ponies in this division. Maximum height of fences 1 Metre. Run under Table A .

Trillium Jumper (1.10 m) - This division is open to all jumper competitors; however the horses are limited to two jumper divisions plus the Jumper Medal and any other miscellaneous classes.

Drug Testing - Any horse entered in any class at a competition may be selected for equine medication testing while at the event location.

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Ponies - Ponies 8 years and over that have been officially measured at an Equestrian Canada sanctioned event will be issued an official measurement card. All ponies will be subject to random measurements, regardless of whether or not a pony has a permanent measurement card. Further information regarding pony measurement will be available at the horse shows and from the Stewards.

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Posted Order of Go – A posted order of go will be available a minimum of 30 minutes before the class start. If there is a conflict, a horse/rider combination has 5 single trips in a ring to make it to the posted order ring.

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Memberships Required to Show

Trillium Hunter/Jumper Association - -2017 THJA membership information can be obtained from the THJA website
Equestrian Canada - 308 Legget Dr., Suite 100,Ottawa, ON  K2K 1Y6 - Phone:     1-866-8395  
Ontario Equestrian - - 1 West Pearce St., Suite 201 Richmond Hill ON L4B 3K3 - Phone: 905-709-6545 - Fax: 905-709-1867


​To read about the divisions and the criteria - please click on the button provided or see the Show Guide. 

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Anyone mounted on a horse must wear an ASTM/SEI or BSI/ BS EN approved helmet with safety harness correctly fastened, at all times while on the competition grounds.

Competition numbers must be worn at all times

Competitors must compete at a minimum of six shows during the season in the same division(s) to qualify for the Trillium Championships and year end awards.

Hunter - Second cumulative refusal, run-out, or bolting on course results in elimination.



Faxed and Scratched Entries - Horse show management is not required to accept faxed entries. Scratched entries do not require a vet certificate or a doctor’s note -entries will be refunded less a Scratch Fee ($40) and the Horse Show Administration Fee ($25). The entry MUST scratch prior to the class start or full fees will be charged. (Hunters-divisional fees/Jumpers-class fee)

Unpaid Show Accounts - unpaid accounts will be reported to the zone committee and the competitor/owner will be considered “not in good standing.” This will affect the future status of the competitor/ owner on the THJA circuit.



Un-judged Schooling Round - Some shows will be offering competitors an un-judged hunter schooling round . The round will be open to all riders including professionals. Full dress is required. The set course will be jumped once only (2 stops constitute elimination). Each horse is limited to one un-judged schooling round per ring/per day. Equitation riders who are not competing in any other divisions may school over the set schooling course for the respective heights.

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